Real Estate at John Gavin Real Estate & Law
4500 Conte Drive, Carson City


Since 1980, I have been a broker. I was also a co-owner of a local full service real estate company with half a dozen salespeople. In 1988, I become an attorney and also actively practice areas of real estate law.  My real estate brokerage is now purposely small.  I believe in personal attention and can offer what I feel is top quality service in sales and fee-based consulting/problem solving:

  • Sales of estate real estate
  • 1031 exchanging
  • Large parcels of raw land including ranches
  • commercial and industrial buildings and lots
  • upscale homes/estates
  • Learn how to invest your IRA or retirement account in real estate or business ownership (professional consultant for

Due to local growth patterns, I am been also focusing my efforts on Lyon County real estate along the Moundhouse, Dayton, Stagecoach and the Silver Springs corridor.

As a broker and attorney, I use almost 40 years combined real estate and legal experience to provide clients a true “full spectrum of service, knowledge and protection”.  You and I both know that there really is not substitute for experience.

We all know that with our most valuable assets, none of us can afford to take too many risks nor make too many mistakes.  Why not maximize your real estate investment.